About Us

The J. Alexander Team


In 2004, our founding partners, Arlene and Bernard Smadja, formed J. Alexander Management Company with a vision of creating communities where their residents find peace of mind and a genuine sense of belonging, where they are treated with the utmost respect and dignity and where they are proud to call their J. Alexander Community their home.


Arlene and Bernard, together with their dedicated team members, base their everyday decisions on the core values that are fundamental to achieving this vision. They understand that when residents move to a J. Alexander community, they are creating a long-term partnership together. As we all know, long-term relationships thrive only in an environment of trust and respect, good communication and a friendly atmosphere. Arlene and Bernard have built a team of exceptionally caring individuals who share these values and who know that the greatest measure of their success is when their residents choose to live at their community year after year after year.


Arlene and Bernard started their careers in property management in Paris, France, where they created and managed furnished apartments. Their work in renovating Parisian apartment homes that were constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries fueled their creative, outside-the-box design philosophies and continues to inspire them today. They have a passion for creating unique landscaping design and for bringing style and flair to every aspect of their communities.


Their mission is to engage every member of their team to share their vision and to create together the most welcoming, well-designed and best-served home environments that their residents are proud to call home.


Their enthusiasm has attracted an incredible staff of community managers, leasing consultants, maintenance technicians and housekeepers, who share their integrity, dedication and strong sense of purpose.